Monday, August 31, 2009

Jim Cooper

This last weekend the vibraphonist Jim Cooper from Saugatuck, Michigan came up to Traverse City to play at Chatau Chantel with the Jeff Haas trio.

You may ask how I might know Jim Cooper, way back in March of 2008 Jim along with Dave Hay, played with Mo(ve)ment in Holland, Michigan for a session of the then, Mo(ve)ment Meets Musicians.

When Jim played with Mo(ve)ment he and Day Hay just went off into their own little world driven by their own creativity and the paintings that Tali Farchi and I painted while Benno Hübner danced. He really has some great improvisational skills and it was really wonderful to hear them move in and out of some of the more traditional jazz pieces that the Jeff Haas trio plays.

After the first set we sat down out on the deck and compared notes on what each other has been doing the last two years or so. It was a nice little reunion.

The next night Jim played a solo piano gig at Horizon Books in Traverse City.  There he played a lot of his original work.  Talent and creativity is an inspirational combination.

Jim Cooper and me.

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  1. Just to remind you royce.. we met Jim in March 2008!! (not
    Love your blog!!