Thursday, August 27, 2009


While I will eventually catch up with most of what happened this summer, I was just photographing some of the paintings that Tali Farchi and I painted on stage in the Capital Theater in Windsor, Ontario as we were there performing as part of the Windsor International Fringe Festival.
The performances followed the presentation of Tali's original Mo(ve)ment show that she does with dancer Benno H├╝bner.  Each night we painted live on stage with different live musicians. This in an of itself was quite an inspiration. I have to say in that setting it is inspiration that you don't really have time to soak in, you just respond in the moment.

The night before we painted this painting we were lucky enough to be taken as guests to the DIA. While we were there they was a painting by a Danish painter (Jorg, I think was his name) Tali and I were both taken with. We sat in silence studying it for sometime. We talked about the colors and gestural movements in the brushstrokes. We were both really touched by the engery that we felt from the painting. It was interesting as the painting almost seemed as though it could have been something we may have painted on stage.

Tali was impressed by the colors. We walked away from that painting with the want to go and paint. It is interesting how we could be in the position of painting nearly everyday and then to be faced with something that would make us feel that we wanted to paint even more.

The day after this painting was created we looked at it in the theater with new eyes and it was amazing to us how without really thinking how or if we would do anything different, to see that we really pushed where we were to a new place.

I have always found inspiration in other art and artists and the experience of painting with Tali day after day has shown me so much about expression and being free.  These days I am able to take those ideas and keep myself open to the influences that are around me all the time.

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