Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rehearsals for L5 Underway.

Rehearsal set-up in my studio

In the end of June 2010, the world debut of L5 will take place during the Zwart Festival in Zwolle, The Netherlands. It is the newest multi-media, multi-disciplined show that Tali Farchi, Benno Hübner (the makers of Mo(ve)ment) and myself are writing and producing.

At this point since we are working from our individual studios in Michigan and Zwolle, we have no choice other than to work via Skype. The above photo is a snapshot of the set-up I am using to send my live painting images to the Netherlands where they are mixed and projected during our rehearsals.

The story of this show is about finding inspiration, and as we are going to be taking a journey to the land of muses, we are finding many new ways of telling the story as we are working with a new theater language that we are really making up as we go along. But the basic premise is that we will be creating the backgrounds and scenery live on stage. So, the back stage is brought on to the stage as well as most of the pre-production. Like Mo(ve)ment and our Live Painting with Live Music performances, L5 is very much about being in the moment.

It has been interesting to be developing this one long distance the way we are. I will tell more the more we do... Here is a portrait I did of Benno that was a painting I did in Michigan as he posed in The Netherlands and then I beamed it back to Tali's computer that in turn mixed my portrait with a painting she was doing at the same time and projected the composite image on the wall. 

Too Cool.

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