Thursday, October 1, 2009

Signs of Summer Being Gone

Summer is offically past tense now. Happy October 1st by the way. But today I participated in the last rite of the summer season... and that almost seems oxymoronic, in that I feel a rite should be a celebration. But today the boat came out of the water.

Aside from the reality that winter is just around the corner, especially here in Northern Michigan, it is just a sad day to be on the boat and have to be packing stuff up instead of getting ready to go on a sail. But I love the changes in the seasons, each one brings it own individual sense of beauty.

Autumn up here is really wonderful and I even look forward to the snow that could come at any time.

It was a great summer,  not only for the sailing. Yes August and September were simply awesome  months to be out on the bay. But earlier in the summer had it's share of awesomeness as well.

So yeah, it was a good one.

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